“Get Your But Out of The Way”

demadison.org (2)Exodus 4:1-21 (NKJV)

 “1 Then Moses answered and said, “But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, “The LORD has not appeared to you . . . 21And the LORD said to Moses, “When you go back to Egypt, see that you do all those wonders before Pharaoh which I have put in your hand . . .”


Today we are re-introduced to that “thing,” that problem that we continue to face time and time again. It is an issue many of us struggle with every day, limiting the possibility in our way – getting our “but’s” out of the way.

God has called each of us to a place of destiny and greatness according to His will for our lives. We have been called to be entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, teachers, preachers, authors . . . Unfortunately, we have all too often settled for less than God’s best, parked on God’s promises – and become complacent with a “second best” life.

The reality is a thief has stolen our passion, our drive, even our faith in God. This thief has caused us to shout on Sunday and doubt on Monday. We say we believe the Word of God yet, allow the circumstances we face to lead us into the abyss of faithlessness. Too often we misname this thief. We make declarations and proudly proclaim that the enemy has stolen our dreams and we want our stuff back! We sing songs about it; pray about it. Yet, we never look at the thief within – our But!

Moses was a great man of God and was called to do a great work – with God giving him the power and resources necessary for the task. However, all Moses could do, was provide his but, as to why he was inadequate.

That is where many of us live; we have shelved God’s promises with our “but.” God has already provided the resources and connections to be successful. Yet, we stand in our own way, as a threat to our own destiny. Our perceived limitations are but mere grounds for God’s unleashed potential.   We must begin to see ourselves as God’s workmanship. Every skill, gift, ability, talent, quirk – was crafted by God. He designed you that way for a purpose. Just because we don’t fit our description of what greatness looks like, doesn’t mean we are any less great. Each of us are great in our own way and The Lord wants to use you just the way you are to do the exceptional.   Moses said he had a stutter; The Lord said “I’ll be in your mouth.” The Lord promises presence of power to fuel our possibility. The exceptional happens when we do the unexpected through a power that’s beyond us! Stop living in the “but” and chase the blessing of greatness God promises.

Today I challenge each of us to get our BUT out of the way. The time is now to accept what God is calling us to, embrace the challenge and know that God’s promise of presence brings power to achieve possibility. We all have imperfections, flaws, and failures. But, God doesn’t care about that. As a matter of fact, God is glorified when He does the unexpected with the unlikely. You are God’s success story and everything you need is in Him. It is time to let go of the “but” and embrace the power of the One who can do the impossible . . . Start living beyond the “but!”

Get Your But Out of the Way!

Be Blessed . . .

Pastor D’

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